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Landmark Commemorative Ornaments

It takes 17 pairs of hands from start to finish to carefully craft each of the 24kt gold finished, photo chemically etched ornaments, featuring screened colors and advanced assembly techniques which add dimension. The ornaments are designed and manufactured in the USA by the same company that makes the ornaments for the White House!

They make wonderful holiday gifts, graduation gifts, collectors gifts.

The Landmarks Society of Greater Utica presents this year’s 2016 Commemorative Collector’s Ornament ~

The Landmarks Society of Greater Utica is proud to announce their 2016 ornament

‘The Fort Schuyler Club’

fort schuyler ornament

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Utica Aud ornament

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2014 Utica Zoo
15th ornament of the 21st Century series

The Utica Zoo has served the region for over 100 years. Located in Roscoe-Conkling Park, the zoo is part of a recreational complex made possible by the donation of land from the Thomas R. Proctor in 1909. The first building was completed in 1920, is currently named the Wildlife Building and houses the administrative offices, auditorium, reptile exhibits and the zoo's kitchen.


2013 St. Elizabeth's Hospital
14th ornament of the 21st Century series

The hospital was established by the Sisters of St. Francis, with the aid and contributions of friends, Mother Bernadina Founded St. Elizabeth Hospital on December 12, 1866. Construction of the present hospital began on 1915, located 2209 Genesee St.


2012 Daniel D. Tompkins Memorial Chapel
13th ornament of the 21st Century series

Tompkins Chapel was built in 1911 in memory of Most Worshipful Daniel D. Tompkins, elected Governor of New York State in 1807, Vice President of the United States in 1816, and Grand Master of Masons in 1820. The stained glass windows throughout the Chapel were donated by Lodges throughout the State and designed by Tiffany Company.


2011 Gates of Forest Hill Cemetery
12th ornament of the 21st Century series

Utica's Forest Hill Cemetery opened on June 14, 1850. It is a fine example of the rural cemetery movement that swept across the United States in the second quarter of the 19th Century, a product of urban reform principles origination in the 18 century Europe.


2010 T.R Proctor High School
11th ornament of the 21st Century series

With the assistance of the United States Works Progress Administration (W.P.A,) ground was broken for the future home of a high school bearing the name of the city's greatest benefactor - Thomas R. Proctor - in August 1934.


2009 Historic Old St. John's Church
10th ornament of the 21st Century series

Historic Old St Johns Church- The original St. Johns Church commenced construction at the present day location in 1820. At the time the village of Utica had about 400 homes and 2,000 residents. A growing congregation required a more spacious house of worship and the present building celebrated its first mass on Christmas day 1869. The two stately towers were added in 1893.


2008 Utica Free Academy
9th ornament of the 21st Century series

The doors opened for Utica Students on September 11, 1899. The building was an imposing structure, standing in the center of a spacious lot. It was designed in the classic Corinthian Style, its exterior clad in light-colored brick and limestone.


2007 Whitestown Town Hall
8th ornament of the 21st Century series

After serving as a county court house from 1807 to 1853, the Whitestown Town Hall, situated within the Village of Whitesboro on Park Avenue, has served the town and the village continually since it was gifted by Philo Whites in the year 1860


2006 Union Station
7th ornament of the 21st Century series

The railroad passenger station in Utica, NY opened on May 14th 1914. It is the third permanent station on the site, replacing a station built in 1869. Designed in the eclectic Beaux-Arts style, the exterior was modeled after an Italian palazzo (palace) and the interior after the Roman Baths of Caracalla. The cost of construction was $1 million, double the initial estimate.


2004 Utica Public Library
5th ornament of the 21st Century series

The Utica Public Library was chartered by the University of the State of New York June 21, 1893. Following this auspicious event a group of citizens came together for the purpose of building a new home for the Library. August 14, 1902 marked the groundbreaking for the new building with the cornerstone laid on May 4, 1903


2002 SBU Gold Dome Bank
3rd ornament of the 21st Century series

Since 1839, SBU Bank, formerly known as The Savings Bank of Utica, has served the Central New York Community with a wide range of personal and commercial banking products. The main office branch in Utica is a cornerstone of downtown- affectionately know as The Bank With The Gold Dome